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Comodo Dragon is a powerful browser, based on Chromium source code from Google Chrome. It’s fast, dynamic and there are many opportunities to make the Internet browser more secure.

First priority: online security

ComodoDragon more than Chrome «copy». It comes with some very useful features and more safety features. During installation, such as the ability to add Commodo SecureDNS pragramadae, which ensures secure web browsing and limits access to sites with high nariska.

BrowserTheWebInspector includes online tools for checking servicesWebsite security, and Privdog, which blocks ads, cookies, trackers, and other chips.

In addition, Comodo Dragon also comes with Media Downloader to download videos online for free as well as features to instantly share your Facebook content, iLinkedIn Twitter account.

He also has some interesting options for browsing and sharing content. You can select the text and drag it to your adresniz to start searching on Google,Google Image Google Translate, YouTube or Wikipedia. You can also share links and content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or LinkedIn, just by dragging them in the box to the left of the browser.

Like Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon creates asobnuyupratses for every otvorenrazdel including bookmark manager and has a home page with updates on the most visited sites, as well as the ability to make private sessions view. Comodo Dragon also supports the same expansionUstanavli- Chrome.


In terms of its use, Comodo Dragon is not much different from Chrome. Simpleand elegant design with dark color dominance. In other bokuruka, it seems more difficult than Google’s browser.

This product is designed on the left (not true as in Chrome). Next to the address bar, you can find buttons for Privdog, WebInspector, Sharing and Media Downloader.

Like Chrome, but already

MotoDeveloper explains: “Chrome version is more secure and moreFast from “To date, Comodo Dragon zahavavsvao promised ..

The browser is fast but more importantly, be very careful when it comes to privacy and network security. Installed pristavkitemnogo is effective and Comodo SecureDNS is very useful for blocking sites with high risk of malware and other online threats.

The Comodo Dragon browser is ideal if you are looking for something a bit more advanced than Google Chrome in terms of funktsii.Tova is ideal for those who are wantmore serfinguonlayn safety.

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