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Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies

Counter Strike Nekon: Zombies are CS adapted to the world innocent. You will deal with all types of zombies, including final bosses, PvP and PvE.

Enough zombie content!

Counter Strike Nekon Zombies has plenty of content, although it’s free. You will find close to 20 modes such as Beast Mode, BazookaMode or football. I do not like these options? Do not worry: classic modes are also available, Counter Strike, Defusing Bomb, and Hostage Rescue.

There are almost 60 cards (that’s a lot!), A lot of zombies. The mails are unlocked as you’ve completed the steps, which explain the background of the zombies against strikes Nekon.It will need to unlock for a long time, and even more time to master it. It’s easy to do: you have classic folders like de_dust.

Weapon? Arsenal Counter Strike Nekon: Zombies are huge and diverse. KSG-12 Dual Ball to Infinity. In addition, you can change your weapon.

If you wantZombie Mod + Counter Counter, Nekon will deliver more. Commendably, the commitment to the game, especially, is regularly updated.


Counter Strike Nekon: The biggest problem of zombies is its graphics. The game itself is based on the rather old Asian version of Counter-Strike. VisualNot retouched, and it really shows. If you are selective about graphics, it can damage you.

Oris Counter Strike Nekon: Zombies Worth Downloads?

Counter Strike Nekon Zombies is a good, free alternative to the famous Counter Strike Global Offensive.

By the way, did you know the origin?Counter Strike? Nekon: Zombies? It all started years ago when Counter Strike was on the rise, but many young players do not have the money to buy it or other great games like Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. What did they do? They zapampovvaiutsCounter Strike Source Steam many free(Alternative version). Here, fans can include game modes to add new weapons. Slowly, some information regimes began to leak: Zombie mod. Zombie level. Zombi Nemesis. Varied.

Of these custom mods, born alternatives such as Volfteam. Some preliminary gamesSuch as Counter-Strike Condition Zero and its company, have taken inspiration from an informal version. But the Counter Strike Source zombies were not so paralyzed that they became legalized games.

Now that you know the origin of this, do not miss it: start downloadingCounter Strike Nekon: Zombies!

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