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Roman Forum Formula 1 2013 F1 is the best. This is a mature product is excellent graphics and excellent driving model. The version generated in the final phase of the game.

Career, different methods of the series

The methods of the F1 2013 game offer something for every taste. Sprint, ran, time (time attack of probation), local multiplayer mode or online (cooperative and competitive) The new series and the method can protect normal.

In the 2013 F1 can test the test boysTaking them into the world, the importance of the F1 tutorials is explained with different types of lines and with KERS, DRS and more. You need to beat the trail deprementis of your skills and show the attention of F1 teams to win what you want to register for the World Cup.

In 2013Modd F1 career, and you with the team, with little time begin to generate great interest in detanto-known teams. It provides a way to prove that they are themselvesDecide either to continue with the same team other teams, try to overcome Other Nations. In any case, the protection mode, the goal is ultimately the same: they are made to go to the world champion.

A long life and a lot, but if you want to run a shorter time, you can opt for a one-game 10bencampwriaeth shorter version.

FIA F1 2013 has the official licenses, so the teams and the riders, and the places around theWorld Championship very sequiqui.

Another interesting variant of the scenario mode F1 2013. They will have a great and varied challenges to adjust the most important steps in the lifetime of the drive. The first tests for the rookies in the team nations, at the level of the World Championship question, and its huncenhedloedd finally that.

However, the main tool of the new edition of F1 2013 with cars and cyclists who made history in the 80s. You reperioProstAs film, Schumacher, Damon Hill, Fittipaldi, Nigel Mansell, Berger and Hakkinen and legendary story of cars in a decade, such as Lotus, Williams and Valentine.

Classic languages ​​you can either follow the tempoHistorically seen cod and other brands Malaga2013 period. And it is to be noted that, as of 80 cars, the driving model is very diverse genre of cars, as the present. It is a state of commodity in the same time, now, that is the doctrine that of theTechnologyEt in Formula 1 in 2013 the discussion was limited.

If the way it irritates, then you can download the DLC cars and 90 drivers.

To pursue

For the game F1 2013 you are not essential changes by blaenorolMae’r version. The controls are dealing with best leasing the car with.

Small improvements can affect the improved physics and artificial intelligence quaead on signaling good shops.

Before you get into your car on the track, thenthe architect. You can use features such as chassis, flaps, the distribution of brakes, tires, system tools and more.

YBydd the product comes after you get the ground. The line your competitors find degraded fire warfare and anything else.

MMXIIIOmnes includes the championship rulesF1. So, by a way, you have to avoid transgressions to book the risk of escaping arrogance and fair variety of curves with him or made or from public executionThing.

Game or reality?

The graphic is the highest degree euYn 2013 F1. Cars run obsessive attention to detail and full satisfaction.

We want the liquidity of the machine, which gives at these speeds a sense of satisfaction. Light effects etpluvia best F1 2013 is very realistic.

The damage caused is improved during the collision.

A mature F1 simulator

F12012 good and simulator fully demonstrated. This does not mean a new version of the game,But also improves the various aspects.

In particular, they chose Codemasters F1 2013, which increases the variations, mainly in the question varies, and, fourthly, this is actually Roman potestexemplar in the mass changes more meaning to give back drive.

They follow the example of fire and graphics, effects sound physics and gameplay are excellent. F1 2013 Formula 1 model for the simulation and a must-have for every lover of the game.

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