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Facebook Pro 4

Facebook onlyfunctionis Pro is an application that will allow you to use social networks without your own browser. Not requireinstallation, and no options.

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After opening FacebookPro, the application for immediateloading your Facebookhomepage.It convert your account settings, among otherFacebook pages.

Unfortunately, programdoesn’t options addany includes special features of the good thatimprove social network.

Work Znachkipanel

As an application, the Facebook Pro icon was pressedTo the Windowstaskbar. This means that thatyou can easily find, if your browser is clear Facebookeven Classic.

Very important point

As vyalwayswant on Facebook in hand and can easily be from the taskbar, and then Facebook Pro is an app for you.

Unfortunately, no major claim of fame is that this app is not simply oknone social launchesthe networks, and not otherwise. Also try forresources again; During testing, it depends on approximately 130MB of RAM, whichIs too much for a limitedapp.

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