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Imo for Chrome 1

Imo for Chrome is a free application that users can use to send and receive texts while enjoying enhanced video chat capabilities. Because this system is extremely easy, it can be a good alternative to third-party comparable packages such asAs Skype. So just click friends and family easily.

Features and Major Programs

ImoChrome requires that the Google Chrome browser is already installed. Many, like other systems, are very easy to send and receive files. This platform can also be useful when used in corporateSettings because video call quality is considered to be the number of downloaded applications. There is a slight delay in file transfer, and because this system can use 4G wireless technology, it is perfectly compatible with allCurrent smartphones. Imo for Chrome may beRunning automatically or it can be manually activated when needed.

Additional benefits

Imo for Chrome uses the SSL / TLS security framework, so confidentiality is never anxious. All files are also encrypted. Avoid bad eyes. Free stickers are available forCreating your own photos that can be made to friends and family. There is no free download of this video call package.

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