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Instagram for Chrome 5

Instagram for Chrome is simple to improve the search engine, which allows users to view and interact with their Instagram feeds from Google Chrome.

Not the official site of Instagram, so that users can only see and interact with your photos and Instagram feedsOn their mobile phones. Until now. Instagram for Chrome allows users to view their Instagram feeds within the browser. You can “like” and comentariona photography. Users can also access popular Instagram photos even close.

While Instagram for Chrome is runningWell, there are some problems user interface. The whole application itself is more than one copy of the Instagram interface on the phone, but the user can not navigate to the site. You need to select the last pages of the menu options. Although you can see photos on InstagramFor Chrome, you can download vostedeNon or view it at a higher resolution.

Another thing to note is that there is no way to make a link checkout. Certainly awakBoleh uninstallInstagram for Chrome, but this is not an ideal solution if you want to switch between accounts.

Overall, InstagramFor Chrome is a great way to view InstagramInterface images from your profile, but it quickly gets bored.

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