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Jitbit Macro Recorder 5

Big computers and all that, but some tasks can be a little boring if you have to do it every day. It therefore makes sense to install macro recording to do the usual activities for you – and the Jitbit solution is not a bad choice. This app allows you to capture mouse clicks, typing and cursor movements on the screen for later use. Once these actions are recorded, they can “play” all the time and even organized in EXE files.

Programs SavesmnogoTime filling out forms, generating information and performing maintenance tasks, and it’s also great for creating presentations, video lessons (though you can not export to other movie formats). However, the best thing about the app is a script that allows you to program certain commands like early programs or Web pages, or even shut down your computer without you having to record their own actions.

When vaprosza internet access, apps A little fun, butFor basic computer tasks Jitbit Macro Recorder can be a real advantage.


Game buttons are prohibited if there are no commands in the macro

Event delay random (long-awaited feature finally here)

Outgoing confirmation is now correct requesting the unsaved macro

Fiksirasaobshtenieto “failed to register shortcut” shortcut when set to “None”, defined textlist textbox

SavingsAn empty file – fixed

Minor interface improvements

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