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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Of Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of the popular soccer game for Windows. PES 2013 is very similar to Relay Evoultion in 2012, it contains a series of subtle changes aimed at improving graphics and play.


Pro 2013 game Evolution Soccer in the guide than the previous version, becoming more like a simulation of real football, and more action-oriented feet in the style of arcade and 2012. However, certain elements seem to be very inspired by FIFA12, it isTo say, it’s not bad.


The restrictive control system for review, PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Konami developer calls the new control system, PES Full Control. There is a new first dynamic touch feature, holding a player’s ball can winnenR2 it to find out how to control the ball.

Evolution Soccer 2013 manual Pro provides one step, the height of each one, the power and the manual shootout, the first game to be able to decide the issue. Full control, improved drible speedAnd the player’s inertia that allows players to create the power to use their own to add in different degrees near the R2 button.

The manual control provided through adjustments to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 FullControlHet system ensures that the game experience that enhances foot attractions fans. But it can not be, but they must be placed, and men do not meet ludereludum is not a problem.

Previous obsession of reason, did not come from the screen – he saw it, and he will still feel it isA little small Having said that, a change in the design of the game is very cool, it seems that a part of the screen is high in a box with a message to call.

The relief games 2013een number of those who score more easily. For example, you can still get behind the rationemcum work in a / long ball combination chip.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is intended to slow down the image of the player can behave like their real life counterparts – which is why bad player is a creator. The playerIt will be similar to the famous shadows walk foxen; Once with a trap, do not pass the ball as they are about to celebrate, nor in real life.

In terms of images of the player, PES 2013 is the biggest I have ever seen a soccer game – even better 12. FIFA Soccer 2013 for all graphics are great for all open perigostextiles and footwear.

Unfortunately, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 animation player has several locations. That your feels strange and put the players and doormanPlaying outsdie exceeds, and feared much more ridiculous hectic. In fact, it was thought of improvements in the previous version of the doorman they are not all they seem – in fact, seems to be more mortal?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 for Motor Wars Player is quite impressive, small-sized companies to force the other movement (free). However, FIFA still satisfies the engine in real estate.


FOOT2012 will be different from what was present; Delay some changesIn the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, but there is still room for improvement improvement in the game.

Morbi yes Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, goodness is a great power, and now in the eye, you have to be able, giving the gameplay more and more involved.

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