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Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is much better than we expected. It has a strong historical line and the main character, which you can empathize, but moreover, the gameplay can be improved in every way, so it can be the most controversial to play. Prototype 2 – a great game.

And Sergeant James Heller, a soldier with a style of style change. Deadly virus swept in New York, killed your family, and leaves nothingTo survive besides killing people guilty of their death – Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first prototype.

Prototype2 New York Zero is divided into zone based on the level of viral infection. The green color, which should be safe, is a yellow, poor and full of poor villages where the virus can be found, and red in which the viruses are cheerfully. You will carry out missions in all fields on the roadAlex Mercer refuses. Others use St. James HellerCan take over their personal data and to read their memories.

HellerPovnovazhennya- is what makes this fun prototype 2 – jump, climb and fly around major cities, and battle bervariasi and never bother. As a challenge to grow, you need better tactics and diversity to overcome the enemies and bosses you encounter. Enemy infiltration compound is also great because you are tryingTo use and make the appearance of different people, among others. It is preferred as you progress, such as turning the army into biology Note thatPrototype 2 – a game with a rating of 18 for one reason!

Heller is an interesting character, with some very good language and is often funny throughout the game. Sound2 prototype is usually very good, with some pretty loud sound effects. There are also some nice graphical touches. NY looks very good andFull of life and detail to make the environment attractive for navigating. Helicopters and tank in prototype 2 looks fantastic right when rozryvayeteYear you sliver!

General Prototype 2 is a huge improvement over the original fun. Some missions sometimes do not change, but the general developer Radical Entertainment understands their mistakes. It is one of the best in the last sandbox years, built with oneInteresting storyline, charismatic characters and some really awesome graphics. Do not miss

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