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Resident Evil 7

500 E M A R E S E R N O U O 1000

NAME Release

RELEASE DATE 01/29/2017


Release type game

CLASS Survival Horror

ISO format

METHOD The vapor of the Denuvo x64 +

XXx500MB Files

The Resident Evil Biohazard 7, he came to the door of the

Celebrity Resident Evil series and set a new path

, And open the door, I will come in to him, the roots of which is used at polling

Experience really terribly wrong. the more serious nature of the new layer

Consistently was first operated katikaphotorealisticfrom style

A new reality Capcomengine, Resident Evil offers 7

A new degree he received from

The personal is near its end.


– The picture or mount

– Install the game

– Copy the crack

– Use

“Always outnumbered, never hit ‘

– With support from the game before buying dlco

But it was to arrest the ambassadors, by default. To open it, just change

line “Unlock_DLCheats” on a blackboard

– Patch # 1 is not, but who cares Image

Founded in 1999, we are perhaps the oldest Greece

groupIn releaseoperatio remains. Thank you, big thanks

All those, who have been friends, have helped stewards of the manifold grace in us:

Years! Do not forget that the fellowship of your aid as

A place of fun.

Greetings bargain, encryption – IAT filled with all the assemblies.


System Requirements:

OS; Windows 7, 8 ,, 10 (Required 64-bit)

Processor, Intel i5-4460 AMDFX or better, or (6) 300

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 760 or Intel Core 2 GB ry7260X

video RAM

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 24 GB of available space

Sound card; DirectSoundcompatible (DirectX support is even higher)

Additional information requested hardware tests 1080p / 30fps. they need

The appearance of this kind Reducing settings or turning off the Genetic streaming

Due to high demand VRAM. Internet connection required for school

Activation. the game is still in development, so that all PC Requirements




Stunt, and to enjoy!

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