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The Big Sick 2017

Based on the realization between Kuma Nanjing and Emily V. Gordon THE GREAT sick story born in Pakistan’s ambitious comedian Kuma, related to student Emily to one of his bars. What they thought would be alone at night, blossoms in the real work, which might make Kuma’s life more likely from his traditional Islamic parents.

Jin, multi-expressive Emoji, has become normal emoticon. The movie “the ester” unlocks unprecedented dosegaSkrit world in your smartphone.Hidden in application messagesTextopolis, vibrant city, home to all your favorite emotitsi, hoping to be selected by the user of the phone. In this world, every emoticon is just a facial expression – except Jin, Abundant Emoji, born without a filter and expressed with multiple expressions. Defined to become a “normal” as other emoticons Gene calls the help of his best friend X 5 and infamous code for emotion Jailbreak suppresses. Together teZapochneteEpic “apt adventure” by programs on the phone, each with its wild and fun world to find a code that will not recover. But when a greater danger threatens phone, the fate of all emoticons depends on these three wonderful friends who need to save the world before they are lost forever.

The movie “the ester” Emotisite has come to life! They live in their own secret world in the text application that phone. One of them, Jean, must have the same “bottle” their parents, butA glitch does not make him mozheZa to check his expressions, her face is able to be more than just “meh”. To be “normal” he must get a way to solve the problem.

Language: English

Classification: NA

Date of publication: August 17, 2017

Genre: Animation / Comedy

Time: Not available

Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Throw: Miller, Ilana Glaser, James Cordon

Directed by Tony Leondis

Format: 2D

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