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The Mummy 2017

Tom Cruise film age from all over the world is fascinated by the culture and impressive new film version of the legend is Mummy. They thought it would be desert when he entered the desert, formerly Princess (Sofia Boutella of Kingsmen: Secret Service and Beyond Star Trek), whose fate was locked out of our day. And fear that goes contrary to human consciousness. MarrazteaEkialde mysterious in the current way to the London sequence, Mummy doorHij brings a hindrance to a sense of surprise and equity, which is dedicated to the world of gods andNew imaginary monsters.

Wake up in a crypt under the old desert daughter, over thousands of years that oppose human understanding of malevolentziaz and bring fear. Even without the desert crypt desert in the depths, the ancient king’s daughter who fatally considered to be zutenHorren should be protected, today, entirely in the millennium terrorist terrorism that lacks the understanding of humanity.

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