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The Treasure 2017

TreasureSynopsis can not be used.

Language: Chinese Guangdong

Subtitles: Na

Classification: SR

General Release Date: 09

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy

Execution time: Not applicable

Distributed: GSC movies


Directed by:

Format: 2D

Wanderers tell the truth abouthow to sleep dog street, Pluto, comes from nowhere and affects the Davies family, the problem in many ways. For a while, Pluto Wuhudor was able to make a small record, but brought comfort and innocence to the old crutch child, helping to restore marriages, and restorethe father, the son of the relationship. Pluto is not just a guard – GES Guardian Angel. Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places. Sometimes our prayers get answers on the way. Sometimes dogs can change everything.

SquareFollowing Cancellation of the Swedish Democratic Republic, StockholmPalace Today it has become a museum of art. Love the curator, a Christian, a devoted father to two children, Which supports a good cause. Districts, yagoNastupnaya exhibitions in the museum, invited passers-by with altruism, reminding them to carry out their own sacrifices. However, not everyone canto live with her in particular, The stupid answer to the theft of your phone has led Christians into a shameful situation. He further throws into the existential crisis, along with the museum, if the promotion, the agent creates an unexpected case.Square.

Languages: English / Swedish / Danish

Subtitles: English


Total Release Date: November 23, 2017

Genre: Drama

iduchyyaContains 2 hours 24 minutes

Distributed: GSC movies

Director: Classic Bomber, Elizabeth Moss, Dominique West, Territorio

Director: Ruben Stallund

Format: 2D

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