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Wish Upon 2017


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Wish Upon 2017

A teenage girl found a box that brought miraculous powers and the price of death to use. A teenager finds a magic box that will give you seven wishes. Every time you want to use the will of their lust, start with the bad things happening around them. Found an evil entity living in the box and behind the horrible death.

Twelve years after the discovery of her mother’s suicide, 17-year-old Clare SHANNON bullying in high school, ashamed ofJonathan’s father-in-law hoarder Jonathan and neglected by his former lover. All this changed when his father came home with an old music box promising to give the owner seven wishes. While Clare was initially in doubt about this magic box, you can not help disgusting the dark forces and being excited as his radical life improved with every desire. Clare finally lifestyle is always popular and everything seems perfect – for mostHis people, started the most popular and comprehensive dead todosformas. Clare needs to begin to understand that raising the box, but finding themselves capable and willing to part with his new and better life – takes a dark and dangerous path.

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