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FIFA 12 is the last chapter of the epic saga football EA. In addition to the updated game information and a team player last FIFA 12 has been installed feature some new impressions.

In the past, during the FIFA become a worthy competitorPro Evolution Soccer, and in fact, many argue that FIFA 12 experience a complete football that PES 2012th

whichis new FIFA 12?

Based on the success of the past year, FIFA 12 has three main developments: precision dribbling,Tactical defense and engines affected the players. All these – and especially the last three – big effect on the experience of the game.

What this means?

Effects maygameplay affected most, and it changes the dynamics of the attack and contacts in the game. Motorists fazi-12 engine makes the case better and feel more injuries and certainly more führenIn for players!If two players bouncing balls FIFA 12 the air, they will not always come together perfectly, but may be based on relationships with other players.

Defense is xeralmenterefinado, and it is not possible to simply hold the button”Print” and wait for the defender to grab the ball and attack. In fact, in making FIFA 12 and can seriously disrupt and challenge player erlauben.Timing whole system is new defensive tactics,While it is frustrating, and ultimately more rewarding when you start doing it right.

candoDrible in FIFA 12 feels more control than previous versions. Support for the past more fun,So, and tricks seem easier to remove.

How realistic FIFA 12?

More. As always, FIFA 12 is fully licensed, so you can play with your readers can do your favorite club,And the transfer window invernosiga summer, so the team will reflect a partner of your real life.

Graphics are improved and life was better last year. Full ofFIFA 12 will have elements leading online social elements are much larger. Support your club league table is to contribute their services to their favorite team for their entire community.EA FIFA 12 promises istAuchpara hold a news real football.

What proof?

The FIFA 12 demo gives you access to Manchester City, AC Milan, Marseille Olympic, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and Barcelona. The options are very limited,And setting up of such a choice, time and length of the halves are not included in this demonstration. All other aspects of the game are missing, then operating a gambling game, but also gives you a goodEindruckDer 12 FIFA

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FIFA 12 is experiencing amazing game of football is so close you can play a real football your computer.

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