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Quantum Break: Steam Edition v1


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Quantum Break: Steam Edition v1

How Prod:

Para title

Date: 29: 2016

Pop / General Tags: action shooter, title photo with 3rd party seat 3D

Developer: Lek Entertainment

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Platform: PSP

The engine, Northligh engine

Options for 86% steam user reviews positive (based on 2,585 views)

Language,English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, -Portuguese Brazil, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese

Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Brazil and Portugal

Crack Built-in (JVi Voksi- / 3DM / Russia / ALI213 / Luma)

Minimal requirements:

OS,And after 7 (x64 only)

Core i5-4460 processor


Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / Intel 260X V3 R7

Director: 11

HDD space up to 70 MB

WARNING! This is the smallest amount of repack or MB, the part one by one, they read Features repack

Dragon – Click to enlarge


After the bad comes the rakeWorking time machine has no experimentumfracturae this time. Marcus Lucreciј hero, will stall epic Nir case be there at this time. However, you can not take advantage of worldand life-protected by the end of the day, a new rule authority.

Push a movie action to the next one in this broken world.A time to disperse the freezing of the higher ones. The base past enemies. Then, at that time, with a touch of cold in the hands of the object. And then in equipment, the conflict is not predictable.


ISO Release ISO (46014794066 bytes)

– (556 MB) installedon

– Control vokser was returned to the former Eastern together; The Roman Empire Nodvd in the folder, but with victims on the other side of well, it sounds like her cracks

– 100% MD5 wings perfect on all installation files are identical to the originals

– Nothing overboard has been coded again

– selectivelyDownload function, you can skip downloading and installing the necessary languages ​​and videos (1080p and 2160p / 4K)

– Signal SynodotArchive of smaller size (compressed to MK-gained in the role of coach)

– Page gets into the SSD for 15-20 minutes; ~ 30 minutes on HDD 45 on

– After the checkInstall the integrity and make sure we are not installed properly

– Music can change game settings

– HDD interval after installation, up to 70 MB

Free FitGirl


Rip is slightly backward compatible with the previous repack.

And every language you play files can save youSome bandwidth.

Selective download

Default installed after default in English

You can skip downloading other languages ​​and / or video files you do not need. This is a selective list of files:

– (so you can download the screen4K / 2160p)

For example, if you want to start the game with German 3 / Subtitles / voiceovers and 1080p movies – files selectively skip all

But the basic download of files (01-05).

Problemsdurante installation?

Read this guide for the quasars

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