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Sniper Elite 4

Wydanie FITGIRL: 26 Lipca 2017

Premier Gray: 14 Lutego 2017 – 18 Lipca 2017 (patch + shoot + lock and upload)

Gatunek: Akja, FPP, FPS, TPS, Snayperzhi, Stshelanki, II war vyatova

Production: rebellion

Wydawca: Rebellion

Available under Zhyki: Anguilla, Frankuski, Wings, Niemetski, Hiszpaski, Portugalski-Brazylijski, Chiski Uproszczony, Chiski Tradycyjny, Roziyski, Polish


– Sniper Elite 4 – Seasonal pass

– Elite Sniper 4 – Target Fruit

– elite sniper 4 – gunder snooker

– sniperElite 4 – camouflage reiffl leather

– Sniper Elite 4 – Extending Night Package

– The Elite Sniper 4 – The Death Battle Part 1: The Beginning

-SiperElite 4 – Drawing martial equipment

– Elite Sniper 4 – Blow and load weapons

– Sniper Elit 4 – A hidden set of hero characters

– Elite Sniper 4 – Extended Urban Assault Package

– Elite Sniper 4 – Death Battle Part 2: Regeneration

-Exite Elite 4 – MarwolStorm Part 3: Burns

– Sniper Elite 4 – Cold War

Free Multiplayer –

Rekomendowane: Intel Core i7-3770 GHz, 8 GBRAM, 4GB GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon RX 480 and Lexus, Windows 7 64-bit graphics card

Minimum: Intel Core i3-2100GHz, 4GB of RAM, 2 GB GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870 or lepsza card graphics, Windows 7 64-bit

Time to install: 40-60 minutes (Heat of PC PC)

Moliwo Selektywnego Wyboru Pobierania – GB

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Elite Sniper 4: DeluxeCreate + All DLC + Multiuser + Human Server

Repack released by FitGirl on June 25, 2017

Original size: GB

Pack size: GB to GB

– IncludedDLC –

Alliances Arms

Machinery camouflage Package

Package of hidden characters

Death Storm Part 1: The Beginning

Dead Storm Part 2: Investigating

Night fighter

Pacific Pacific Weapons Tool Pack

Führer aims

Expand the city

Premium Process

– Repack Features –

Based on statements and ISO: (52,071,907,328 bytes) (11,545,348,096 bytes)

All released DLCs are enabled and enabled

Available in the NoDVD folder after installation

Elite Sniper 4 Select the V1 (SE4LS) from Sorrow onwards

100%No Loss MD5 Perfect: All files are the same as original duplication


Function Downloadable optional download: You can skip download and install files and languages ​​for specialized multipliers / servers you do not need (English / Polish and Chinese are enabled by default)

Significant significant archive size (compressed from cumulative ~ GB depending on the selected components)

The installation takes 40-60 minutes (depending on your system)

CheckThe integrity after setting it so you can check if everything is set correctly

Hard disk space after installation: up to 62 GB (~ 67 GB per install)

Use Language at the heart of the game to change the language of the game if you have set the game in English that is not English and want to play in English

To install this package requires at least 2 GB of RAM (including virtual RAM)

NOTICE: If you install this podWindows 10, run the installation with compatibility with Windows 7

– ChooseDownload –

You can omit downloading the files you need (Chinese / Chinese / Simplified Chinese / traditional Chinese included basic installation). Here’s the list of Files:

(Includes client and special server files)

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